Professor Noel Morgan Honoured

Professor Noel Morgan delivered the prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin lecture - the top international science award from Diabetes UK - at the charity's Professional Conference on 9th March. At this year’s conference, Medical School researchers Associate Professor Mike Weedon and Professor Andrew Hattersley were announced as recipients of next year’s lectures.

The iBEX team have made crucial advances in understanding the immune attack that happens in Type 1 diabetes. The team’s work on pancreas samples from patients who unfortunately have died on diagnosis has revolutionised thinking about how the pancreas is destroyed in Type 1 diabetes patients throughout the world.

The next plan is to find out how immune cells interact with each other to coordinate the attack against insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This knowledge is crucial if new treatments are to be developed to help stop or slow the development of Type 1 diabetes. Professor Morgan has recently received considerable funding from the major funders in the UK, Europe and America to support his work. This includes a grant of £164,000 from Diabetes UK for a project that will help us to understand how and why Type 1 diabetes develops, so that new treatments to stop it can emerge.


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