Dr Marie-Louise Zeissler grew up in Germany and originally only intended to stay in England for one school term during her A-levels to learn English in 2003. She enjoyed the way science was taught over here so much, that she never left. Since then she has graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Biology and subsequently worked for Dr Camille Carroll at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in Plymouth where she evaluated the neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids in a cell culture model of Parkinson’s disease as part of her PhD which she completed in 2013. During her PhD she got married to her husband Jonathan and they now have a little boy. She started working for Dr Richardson in October 2014.


Q. What does a “day in the life of” look like for you?

A. I usually prepare breakfast for my son before I set off to drive across Dartmoor to work. On my arrival I discuss the plan for the day with Sarah which usually involves carrying out some staining procedures or data analysis. I also help maintain the tissue databases and generally support the lab in any way I can.


Q. What made you want to work in your current job?

A. After returning from maternity leave I decided to support Dr Sarah Richardson as a research technician thereby enabling me to be part of exciting research whilst spending lots of quality, carefree time with my son.


Q. When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

A. During my spare time I enjoy going for long walks on Dartmoor with my one year old son and our dog.




4th Floor, RILD Building, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW