Past News

New grant awarded! - July 2015

Noel and Sarah have been successful in a bid to Diabetes UK for a project grant worth almost £160000. This grant will provide renewed support for Mark's work examining the regulation and function of STAT6 in pancreatic islets for a further 3 years.

EU PEVNET consortium meeting - Uppsala, Sweden; May 2015.

Noel, Sarah, Jay and Pia participated in an EU PEVNET consortium meeting in Uppsala, Sweden . Jay, Sarah and Pia (pictured with our friend and collaborator, Malin Flodström-Tullberg (left) from the Karolinska Institute) all gave updates on their projects during the meeting and Noel chaired a discussion on the response of beta cells to viral infection.

Fellowship Award; May 2015

Mark has been awarded with a Fellowship from the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD)/Lilly Research Fellowship Programme. The award will fund Mark to work for a year on the project ‘Subcellular localisation of cell cycle regulatory proteins in human beta cells: is the current paradigm correct?’.

Pint of Science; May 2015

Mine's a pint....Of science is a festival which pulls science out of the lab and into the pub is coming to Exeter for the first time.

The Exeter team organized by Jay Young has arranged a series of talks around the themes of:

  • Our Bodies

  • Beautiful Minds

  • Atoms to Galaxies

For more information and to purchase tickets please visit their web site.

Farewell Kazuto! April 2015

Our visiting research fellow, Kazuto Taniguchi, has sadly departed the lab back to Japan. Kazuto had been with us a year and made valuable contributions to a number of projects. Thanks for all your hard work, and come back soon Kazuto!


Diabetes UK Conference - London; Mar 2015

Pia, Kazuto, Mark, Noel and Hannah attended the three day Diabetes UK Professional Conference held in the Excel Centre, London in March 2015. During the conference a stimulating mix of clinical and basic science research were presented much of which was relevant to the IBEx team’s research. These presentations included posters by Kazuto, Pia and Mark, and also a talk by Mark in the ‘latest islet biology’ session, all of which were well received by the audience.

nPOD Meeting - Florida; February 2015

Noel and Sarah recently returned from representing the ibex team at the meeting of the JDRF "Network of Pancreatic Organ Donors"(nPOD) consortium in St Petersberg, Florida.



New Team Member - January 2015

We are pleased to welcome a new team member Ese Ifie who joined us in January. Ese graduated with a Bachelors degree in Animal science from the University of Benin, Nigeria then obtained a Masters in Medical Science in Human nutrition at the University of Sheffield.

We are delighted to welcome her to the IBEX team!



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