Mohammad Baity  After I graduated from King Khalid University with bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, I found myself very interested in joining the academic works more than working at a hospital as a pharmacist, I have a great inclination to be a researcher. I remember when I was at high school, honestly talking, I remember how many times I spent just thinking about how to invent a drug. This thought is what focused me on pharmacology. In 2015 I graduated with MSc in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Long Island University, Brooklyn, USA. Today, I am now based at the University of Exeter conducting further research and investigations around diabetes; which affects three of my family. I am here to investigate what is the main cause of Type 1 Diabetes. If we are able to get an answer, then I will be able to achieve my high school’s dream which to discover a new drug for diabetes.

Q. What does a “day in the life of” look like for you?

I start my day reading articles about diabetes, and then prepare myself for the days experiments.


Q. What made you want to work in your current job?

Diabetes is growing fast and is now affecting high numbers of people all over the world. I would like to know the main reason behind this and then assist in finding a cure.


Q. When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to shop and visit museums, the UK has a lot of lovely countryside. I also like to explore the biggest cities of the UK.



4th Floor, RILD Building, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW