Detection of enterovirus
Pancreatic pathology in type 1 diabetes mellitus
Evaluation of immunolabelling
anti-inflammatory cytokines
Enteroviruses as causative agents in type 1 diabetes_loose ends or lost cause
Activating germline mutations
GPR120 (FFAR4) is preferentially expressed in pancreatic delta cells and regulates somatostatin secr
Immunofluorescence analysis of HLA-ABC expresion in frozen pancreas_edited
Ratio of CD20 CD4 cells in inflamed islets
Cyclin D3
Glucagon Insulin VP1 DAPI
Our Research
Islet Inflammation
Detection of a low-grade enteroviral infection in the islets of Langerhans of living patients newly
Blood and islet phenotypes indicate immunological heterogeneity in type 1 diabetes
The Role of Enteroviruses
Infection of human islets of langerhans with two strains of Coxsackie B virus serotype 1 assessment
Lipid accumulation in Beta cells
Lipid dropletts in beta cells
Dividing Beta cell
Virally infected islet cell
Hormone containing cells in an islet
Virally infected cells in an islet
Islet from a patient with diabetes
Insulin cells in Zebra fish
Glucagon cells in an islet
Lipid uptake into beta cells
Islet from a patient with diabetes
Hormone containing cells in an islet



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