Work experience or short term placements

Work Experience. The IBEx team is happy to host short term placements (up to 10 weeks) within the lab (usually over the summer holidays). These can take the form of a short research project or the shadowing of an IBEx team member. We normally take on placement students who are either doing their A-levels (aged 16 or over please) or are partway through their undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any funding for these opportunities, however if interest is lodged early enough there may be the chance to apply for this from external sources. Please contact Dr Mark Russell if you would like more information.


Taylor Lawrence

5 week summer placement

I am medical sciences student at the University of Exeter and I was extremely fortunate to join the IBEX team for a 5 week summer placement between my 2nd and 3rd year at University. During my placement I investigated the activating properties of a mutation within STAT3 which has been linked to neonatal diabetes.

The placement not only allowed me to acquire new laboratory techniques e.g. running luciferase reporter assays, but most importantly it gave me the opportunity to see what life is like in a research laboratory. Diabetes has always been a fascinating area of research to me and having the chance to help the team progress with their goals was an extremely satisfying experience.

I could not have asked for a more welcoming and helpful team and I hope that I am able to put this invaluable experience to good use in the future.

Clemens Ziller

6 week Placement

I am a 2nd year medical student at the university of Exeter and I am mid-way through a 6-week summer placement. I have been given the opportunity to investigate how insulin granularity varies across different patients with type I diabetes. I am learning immunofluorescence and microscopy techniques to interrogate samples from the Exeter Archival Diabetes. So far, the IBEX team has been extremely helpful getting me started on the project and teaching me laboratory techniques.
As a medical student, I am finding it particularly fascinating to discover the day-to-day running of a laboratory, understanding where the evidence that will inform clinical practice germinates.

Bailey Cameron

1 week placement

I feel extremely fortunate to have spent a week with the IBEX team. The team are incredibly welcoming and their passion for what they do is inspiring. During my placement, I shadowed several members of the team, who introduced me to numerous aspects of lab work. My itinerary for my placement week included: tissue culture, Western blotting, dissecting the brain of a rat, fluorescence microscopy, immunocytochemistry, and protein estimation.  From this, I was able to learn a variety of new things, from building upon my prior knowledge from school to new lab techniques. In addition, I had the opportunity to speak with members of the team about future studies, gaining more experience and the different career branches that are available for somebody interested in Biology and Chemistry, like myself. Overall, the experience gave me a real insight to working in a lab and what that involves. Keen to know and do more, my placement has made me more determined to pursue a career in science and I will be leaving with a greater interest in scientific research.

Johanna Winder

1 week placement

My time with the IBEX team has been an invaluable experience. I can now say firsthand that I know what a lab environment is like to work in. I can also say that some of the most amazing people work in this lab environment. The IBEX team was incredibly welcoming to me, catering to what I had learned in school, and answering any questions I had for them. The lab at the RILD is very well-equipped, allowing me to see a variety of complex biotechnology in practice. My experience allowed me to cycle through the lab from tissue culture, to imaging, to DNA and RNA work, and various other things. For someone who isn't certain what they want to specialise in, such as myself, this gave me a taste of everything without being too focused. Additionally, seeing the real life applications of work I have done in school was incredibly inspiring to make me work harder in order to one day be able to work in a place like this. Thanks so much IBEX!

Jessica Chaffey

10 week placement

Over the summer between my second and third years at university, I was fortunate in gaining a summer placement with team IBEX, researching the role of STAT3 in type 1 diabetes.

The placement was invaluable. Not only did I learn new lab techniques and what it is like to do research on a day-to-day basis, but it also gave me an insight as to how a working lab runs and how a research team operates. I felt it was important to gain lab work experience, as I was interested in continuing research in the form of a PhD after graduation.
When the PhD position was advertised, I had to apply! I enjoyed the placement so much, and to have the opportunity to apply for a PhD here was one I did not want to miss out on. Without the experience of the placement I feel I would not have had the confidence to apply, nor the necessary skills required. A year on from my summer placement, I am starting a PhD with the IBEX team, in the knowledge that I will enjoy doing research in such a welcoming environment, within a great team that I have previously worked with. “

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